Education & Training

Education and training is the cornerstone of any organization wishing to forge ahead and create success for itself. With the help of new technologies, education and training can make a mark for the organization and help it to stay ahead of the competition. The employees of any organization should be ahead and leading in their field of work, which can be achieved through the systematic process of training.

At Ambisol Inc., the education and training team has devised several training methodologies and applies the one best suited for the situation. With the help of training, employees deliver better productivity that leads to better profits. This further leads to enhanced value in business and improved customer satisfaction.

Training Methodology

To deliver the best training, we have the best teaching aids such as personal computers, overhead projectors, LCD panels, and such. As IT trends are changing continuously, we emphasize on the latest trends to deliver the most enhanced instruction to the trainees.

Besides using contemporary techniques for enhanced education, we use technologies such as multimedia and online training, so that we can deliver the best. The contemporary mode of teaching using blackboards is now slowly getting outdated. Hence, we tend to base our teaching using modern techniques rather than learning based on the older techniques. We deliver our training for modules as below:

Business Intelligence/OLAP 

Business Intelligence helps employees and business perform better in the light of the knowledge they receive about the business scenario in their concerned industry vertical. Unlike the traditional scenario of yesterday, today’s knowledge based industries require immense guidance and training to deliver accurate results. For this reason, it is necessary to train them for best results possible.

With the help of business intelligence training, it is possible for employees to be more aware of their business environment. The result is the emergence of a unique training solution according to the intelligence needs of your organization. These help in building a business intelligence infrastructure that delivers the best industry solution requirements.

With strong expertise across industry verticals as well as horizontals, we at Ambisol Inc., help you deliver unique solutions in business intelligence for your organization. Our final aim is to help your company make good use of data inputs that lead to action and ultimately success.

Data Warehousing/ETL 

As an organization progressively moves ahead on its journey, it gathers data about its business and competitors. As organizations spend more time in gathering information through various sources, this process helps them capture larger amounts of data. Data Warehousing is all maintaining this data in an electronic repository and turning this data into consistent and accurate information for decision making in an integrated fashion.

Further ETL lays the foundation of extracting the right information and transforming it for the right use in the information architecture for enterprise-level decision applications. With the right business intelligence in place, your company can have the right data for decision making so that you make the right business decisions always. Access to business intelligence data helps companies to rely on fact rather than doing guesswork.

With Data Warehousing and ETL training from Ambisol Inc., your company will benefit from a deep understanding of business intelligence and objectives and the result expected from decision making at all levels in the company. You will also understand what is critical for success and the risks involved. Our training is based on practical experiences in the real world concerning Data Warehousing and ETL, so you can expect to be industry ready soon after the training.


The corporate databases of today are always under heavy demand as there is always a need of accurate information for nearly every business process. Alongside, they need to be secure and capable of delivering perfect performance nearly all the time. These databases also need to be scalable and affordable to be cost effective in today’s world.

At the same time, there are many corporate vendors delivering treatment in RDBMS, so we need to be ahead of the competition and be aware of the latest trends in the industry. We have the right training consultants to deliver the most professional trainings at affordable costs. Our RDBMS training covers software like Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, IBM D2, and others.  Our goal is to help your company to be able to use these products and implement them successfully.